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Nov-01-2018 | Room | Suite

A Traveler's Paradise: The hidden beauty of Ooty

The southern India town of Udhagamandalam, or more commonly known as Ooty, is an extraordinarily exotic destination for travellers. For nature enthusiasts, there are some natural wonders such as hills and landscapes, but there are also some man-made features as well. Ooty Lake, the famous Rose Garden, and the Government-made Botanical Gardens are just a few places to visit that were mainly constructed to enhance an amazing experience, and to differentiate Ooty as a top vacation destination throughout the entire world.


Southern India has a Southern state of Tamil Nadu which attracts tourists from all over the world. Alegria Holidays has locations worldwide, including India and Ooty hill station. Alegria has a unique approach and “razor sharp” visions for their vacation time share business. They believe that every family, and every person deserves a vacation, at least once a year. So Alegria had a very unique way of helping you, the client, budget and plan the perfect getaway for you and your family. Their time shares in Ooty, India, are astounding. Being the capital of the state Tamil Nadu, in the south of India, Ooty is a very special place. It is considered a hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills of southern India. The term of hill station was coined by early colonists from Britain, who needed a cooler place (in temperature) to reside, and get out of the scorching hot summers of southern India. To escape the heat, colonists needed to travel 1,000 to 2,500 meters upwards in altitude, and reside in a hill town such as Ooty. Even though colonists only traveled to Ooty during the winter, each of the four seasons have something unique to offer to the travellers. The lake is wonderful in the spring and summer along with the long winding hillside roads. 


The amazing scenery of the “blue mountains” is something out of a picture book. The blue mountains which are the Nilgiris mountains got their name because there has always been blueish/grayish haze in the mornings on the Ooty lake and mountains.


Ooty can make the perfect and ideal getaway any time of year due to the amazing climate conditions throughout the year. If your looking for the most unique and mesmerising honeymoon spot, then Ooty, India, would be the place for you! The usual spots like Hawaii, Paris, or the Caribbean have been done for years and years! Don’t go to your parents honeymoon spot from the 1980’s, create your own memories at this exotic, unusual, and unique location such as the southern hills of India. But it is not the common town in India either, it is a mountain “hill station” type of town, so it is even unique and different within its own country.


The scenery of this “queen of the mountains” town, is quite breathtaking due to the tea estates built all throughout the hillside landscapes. The winding roads are something to write home about as well. The view of Ooty lake is a wonderful location for honeymoon snapshots, or family photos to be taken. Honestly, Ooty, Udagamandalam, or Blue Mountains, or Nilgiris mountain, or the hill station of Ooty in southern India, is the most unique, breathtaking, exotic, fun, exciting, picturesque place for a vacation destination. Having a time share at this amazing place in India would enable you to getaway a few times a year to refresh your body, mind and soul!

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