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Nov-01-2018 | Rooms & Suites

The Alluring Beauty of Modern Day Goa

Located on the West Coast of India, Goa prides itself as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. This place also has a rich history since it is a former Portuguese colony. Goa is typically small by Indian standards since it has a population of approximately 1.8 million people who are spread over 3700 square kilometers. This place is filled with a mixture of both Indian and Portuguese culture which is highly attractive to tourists. Here, you can also find both Hindus and Catholics especially the Romans. It is approximated that almost 2.5 million tourists typically visit this place to experience the renowned architecture of the communities located in this region.

Since 1960s Goa has consistently experienced the increased number of visitors touring this place for leisure and other business-related activities. Some people also prefer Goa as their destination for medical treatment as well as attending seminar and conferences.The Hindu and the Catholic population are the two communities that have played a significant role in shaping the Goan culture. This place also has a well-developed railway network which makes the movement of tourists much easier.

There is also an option to use air transport since there are many airports which are easily accessible from different places across the world. Goa also prides itself for having the best beaches, hotels, and restaurants. Besides having your holiday at the beautiful beaches, you can also visit various restaurants located in this town for food and drinks. Most of the food and beverages found in this region are prepared in such a way that they embrace the local and international flavors. Most hotels located in this regions are also stylish, and most of them are associated with ancient traditions. Some of the best hotels found in Goa comprise of Elevar, Ashvem Beach, Centare, Katzensuppe and Boomshankar located in Canacona.If you want to visit this place you can book a trip with Algeria Holidays since that have access to all the beautiful destinations located in Goa. For instance, Algeria Holidays can take you to Palm Grove, Turtle Hill, Amarya Paros, and Jardim a Mar among other places which you might suggest. They can also take you to stylish hotels and restaurants to make your journey a dream come true.

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